Pool Care Tips:

1. Brushing is an extremely important but often overlooked task towards maintaining your pool.
Brushing removes microscopic matter from the pool walls and floor, which suspend this matter in the water where they will be killed by the
chlorine (or its alternative) and filtered out of the pool. Article  reference:
Routine Pool Maintenance

2. Sand filters should be professionally replaced every 4-5 years whereas a cartridge filter, or individual pleated filter element(s) should be replaced yearly. Article reference:
Routine Pool Maintenance

3. Shocking a pool is a chemical procedure done to eliminate organic compounds that irritate swimmers and obstruct the effectiveness of regular chlorine maintenance. As a professional pool cleaner we can evaluate, recommend and explain if your pool needs a shock or not. Article reference: Service Industry News

4. Have a Bee problem near your pool? We know someone that can help.
Arizona Bees can take care of your bee problem because they care about you and bees.

5. If  you own an Arizona home with a swimming pool you’ll want to be aware that the Arizona Legislature recently passed Title 44. Here's a link to Gold Canyon Arizona Blog with more info.

See the below pictures of the before and after pool work. Clean!


Weekly Services – What We Do:

  1. Net the surface and the bottom of the pool for large debris.
  2. Brush the sides, steps.
  3. Check the water level, automatic vacuum cleaners or pop-up cleaning systems for normal operation.
  4. Test the water chlorine and pH levels (weekly) and periodically test the water hardness and cyanuric acid (stabilizer)
  5. Add chlorine and muriatic acid to maintain recommended safe levels.  We use chlorine tabs and dry shock.
  6. Empty the skimmer basket(s) and pump basket(s)
  7. Check pressure on the filter, backwash if required or notify customers of required cleaning of filter.
  8. Check timer operation.  Set pool timer to run during off peak hours during the summer and the winter.
  9. Spot check equipment for problems and notify customer with estimate for repair.
  10. Sign in on service record card (usually kept in the pump timer box) the date and time. You will always know when we have been there!

Repairs, Replacements & Upgrades - What We Cover:

Pumps & Motors:

    Leak repair
    Motor replacements
    Pump and variable speed pump upgrades


    Complete heater diagnostic & repair

Filtration systems:

    Plumbing and Leak repair
    Backwashing and Cleaning
    Filter cartridges or DE grid replacement
    Filter replacements or upgrades

Timers / Controls:

    Installation & Repair
    Programming & Instruction
    Seasonal run time adjustments
    Pool  and Spa light repairs

Pool Cleaners:

    Component installation and repair

We provide a variety of services for you. All of our services come with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

    Chemical only service starting at $60.00 per month.

    Full Weekly Services starting at $89.00 per month.

    Weekly Cleaning (with no contracts)

    Equipment Repairs and Installation

    Filter Cleaning and Service

    Acid Washes

    Tile Cleaning

    and much more!